J.S. Bach’s Music


You’ll find here some free adaptations of compositions from this major musician. Inspired by both Ward Swingle’s and Jacques Loussier’s works, I wanted to give a jazz “taste” to these pieces by including sections for improvisation, with all respect to the composer who, like any great jazz musician, was an outstanding improviser.


Deposuit Potentes (from Magnificat, BWV 243)  
Male vocal solo, 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, rhythm section.

Duration: 5:26  Level IV (big band)

My big band adaptation of this powerful aria for tenor from Bach Magnificat BWV 243, with an improvised solo section. Great feel in “3”. Baroque music for big band at its best!

Deposuit Potentes Score sample   Deposuit Potentes Tenor Sax 1 sample

$90.00 C – $69 US


Shafe Können Sicher Weiden  Soprano solo, SATB, 2 flutes, rhythm

Duration: 7:00  Level V

My adaptation of this beautiful aria from Bach secular cantata BWV 208, with an improvised solo section. Baroque music at its best with a jazz flavor.

Solo/SATB part sample, Flutes part samplePiano part sample 



Sicut Locutus Est (from Magnificat BWV 243), SSATB, rhythm.

Duration: 4:20  Level V

Beautiful five parts fugue that requires a “light swing” feel from the vocal parts.
Piano (guitar) must use a very light (sparse) comping until the get to the solo section.

Sicut locutus est sample   Sicut locutus est Rhythm sample

$52.00 C – $40 US


Fugue in G minor (Little Fugue) SATB, rhythm

Duration: 5:25


Bourrée (English Suite, #2) SATB, rhythm

sample 1  sample 2  sample 3  

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